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Hispanic Community Counseling Services (HCCS) is a Latino-operated, community-based, outpatient agency offering behavioral and mental health intervention services that enable individuals and families to meet the challenges within today’s scope of “problems of living.” HCCS is a multidisciplinary, multicultural, bilingual behavioral health care practice. Our main focus is the provision of culturally appropriate and recovery-oriented mental health services to the communities of North Philadelphia.

HCCS is guided by the vision that all individuals with mental illness and/or addictions can recover and become an active productive participant in their communities. HCCS welcomes adults, adolescents, children older than 5, and families who seek assistance for mental health and/or substance use disorders and ensure that they receive quality, client-centered and integrated support in achieving their life goals.

HCCS actively reaches out to diverse audiences by offering a range of culturally appropriate services. To meet the needs of the ethnically and culturally diverse populations in Philadelphia, services include, but are not limited to interpretation services and consultation with agencies that specialize in serving specific ethnic or cultural populations. For sexual minorities, staff understands the need for specific approaches in order to reach individuals and provide effective treatment. In addition, HCCS has relationships with a wide range of faith-based institutions.


Hispanic Community Counseling Services’ (HCCS) mission is to provide quality mental health, substance abuse, and human services that promote resilience and recovery in children, adolescents, adults, and families in a multilingual, multicultural, trauma-informed, person-first environment.

About Us

Since the beginning, HCCS has been based on best practices standards that guide the development and delivery of services. At HCCS the theoretical conceptualizations of psychiatric or psychological disorders continue to undergo through a process of development, improvement, and integration. Services are multifaceted, which includes counseling, skills training, interventions and resource coordination. Our clinical work is based on Systems Theory, Psychodynamic, Social Learning, and Conflict Resolution. These are implemented by integrating developmental models around moral reasoning, theories of cognition and theories of human development focusing on strength based approach and Eco-Systems. Some of the current practice models utilized are problem solving, task-centered, solution–focused, and cognitive-behavioral.