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We know it can be a challenge to cope with a behavioral or mental health condition. It’s even tougher if it means you have to take time away from family, work, school and your other responsibilities. Our approach to care puts you first and takes every aspect of your current life into account—your physical health, your relationships, your living and financial situations, and more. We also consider your past experiences, and how those might contribute to your symptoms. Our team approach to client care, encourages client and family involvement at all stages of treatment. If you seek treatment at HCCS, you will have a primary clinician and your case will be reviewed by our team of professionals. Our team will make recommendations that will define care and services to meet your unique needs and ensure you receive the quality care you deserve.


The Adult Outpatient Services provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to individuals requiring mental health or dual diagnosis treatment (treatment of mental health plus substance use). The outpatient treatment team consists of trained professionals including psychiatrists, licensed therapists, psychiatric technicians, counselors, and support staff. Focus areas include mental health and substance use assessment, psychiatric assessment and evaluation for medication, medication monitoring, limited individual counseling, group counseling, bilingual counseling services, interpreter services, benefits services, and community services referral.

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