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Hispanic Community Counseling Services is guided by the vision that all individuals with mental illness and/or addictions can recover and become an active participant in their communities. Members of HCCS’s leadership and staff are highly interactive in the community, not only because they are providing quality direct services in the targeted area in clinics and/or in-home settings, but because each member embraces a strong commitment and understanding of true community engagement. The leadership of HCCS is extensively prepared and contributes a combined total of more than 60 years of experience in managing for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, including the implementation, administration and provision of mental health and addiction services.

At HCCS we believe that we are well positioned to benefit from the ongoing changes within our industry and communities. We believe that our ability to acquire, integrate and improve our services is a direct result of the following key competitive strengths:

Experienced and Dedicated Employees, Clinicians and Doctors.  We believe that our employees and clinical staff are among the best in the skilled human services industry. We believe each of our facilities is led by an experienced and caring leadership team, including a dedicated front-line care staff, who participates daily in the clinical and operational improvement of their individual facilities. We have been successful in attracting, training, incentivizing and retaining a core group of outstanding clinical leaders to lead our facilities. These clinical leaders operate their facilities as separate local businesses. With broad local control, these talented clinical staff and their care staffs are able to quickly meet the needs of their patients, employees and local communities, without waiting for permission to act or being bound to a “one-size-fits-all” corporate strategy.

Staff and Leadership Development.  We have a company-wide commitment to ongoing education, training and professional development. Accordingly, our clinical leaders participate in regular training. Most participate in training sessions at our in-house educational system, generally four or five times each year. Other training opportunities are generally offered on a monthly basis. Additionally, we encourage and provide ongoing education classes for our clinical staff to maintain licensing and increase the breadth of their knowledge and expertise. We believe that our commitment to, and substantial investment in, ongoing education will further strengthen the quality of our facility leaders and staff, and the quality of the care they provide to our patients and residents.

HCCS actively reaches out to diverse audiences offering a range of culturally appropriate services for residents in Philadelphia. Many clinical staff are bilingual and strives to meet the needs of the ethnically and culturally diverse populations in Philadelphia. Services will include, but are not limited to: interpretation services and consultation with agencies that specialize in serving specific ethnic or cultural populations. For sexual minorities, staff understand the need for specific approaches in order to reach individuals and provide effective treatment. In addition, HCCS has relationships with a wide range of faith-based institutions. The faith leaders and members share HCCS services with individuals and families, and at their community events.