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Common diagnoses for clients at HCCS include disorders of mood, anxiety, personality, addiction and psychosis. HCCS currently offers the following services within the traditional outpatient menu of services:

1. Psychiatric Evaluation are diagnostic services offered by a psychiatrist designed to assist the treatment team to effectively diagnose and treat clients.

2. Medication Management are services of a psychiatrist that monitor and manage medication protocols for clients.

3. Individual Counseling is person-centered and geared to encourage independence and self-support. Clients receive an individualized treatment service plan that includes a thorough clinical assessment, proposed treatment interventions that focus on the clinical feature needing intensive outpatient service, and projected outcomes that can be achieved though strengths-based treatment.

4. Family Therapy is often incorporated to educate family members on the client's mental illness. Family members are strongly urged to participate in sessions.

5. Group Therapy is provided to explore behavioral patterns, relationship issues, attitudes, and feelings. The goal is to facilitate group sharing of emotions and personal thoughts as they assist each other to deal with their experiences and to decrease isolation.

6. Psychological Testing and evaluation are employed to further assess the client's level of functioning, psychosocial dynamics or to aid in diagnostic determination.

7. Co-occurring Services are aimed primarily at clients with substance dependence accompanied by psychiatric disorders. The treatment will combine or integrate mental health and substance use interventions at the level of the clinical interaction.

8. Mobile Therapy is a treatment modality designed to provide the customary therapeutic outpatient mental health services rendered in the client’s residence or any community setting corresponding to the client’s situation, for a definite period of time, meeting medical necessity, and integrated into the client’s recovery plan as a necessary component of the clients’ psychotherapeutic regimen.

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